Thursday, August 19, 2010


To give an update:

My running training is still going strong. I must admit though, we have maybe missed one run a week for the past several weeks. BUT! due to good reason - life, weather, pain.. etc.

This past saturday, G and I did a 10 mile run. We probably only ended up running about 8 out of the ten, but we were at least out there getting it done. We had to stop a few times and stretch. G had to stop once, just to sit down and let his legs recover a bit. Plus, stopping for water breaks and waiting at cross walks. We both felt pretty good on the run. G and I both have had some leg pain over the past few weeks, but saturday we felt pretty good (I think it was taking a few days off before the long on saturday).

Speaking of injury though, it might be time to see the doctor. As much as I don't want to go because I don't want him to tell me the worst (not being able to do the race), I feel that it is better to go so that I don't cause any serious damage. And it may be nothing (cross your fingers), that a few days off can't fix.

Back when the pain started, I attributed it to old shoes and inserts. So, I have replaced both, and while it was better for a while, it seems to have come back. Basically, it feels like I am running up hill the whole time because of the tightness in my calf. Self-diagnostically, I think it has to with my foot - either torn muscle or bunyon issues. But the pain starts in my foot, up through my arch and into my calf.. and on the worst days, up to my hip. I try to run on it as long as possible and just ignore the pain, but if I stop and start again, it just gets worse.

So to the doctor I go, next wednesday. Cross your fingers and pray real hard that its only minor. I will be VERY disappointed if it prevents me from doing the race.

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  1. It may be your hips. Make sure you stretch them a lot - if your hip muscles are too tight, it affects the entire length of your leg throwing it all out of whack!

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