Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sassy! Ombre'!

Recent Workouts: 
Monday: 4 Miles/~40 min
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: 5 Miles/~50 min (had a few breaks to walk)
I had to up my mileage this week. I was only supposed to do 3.5 on monday and tuesday, but I am supposed to run a 10K next weekend, and I am a little concerned that I have had enough longer runs. I felt pretty good tonight, so I am not to worried that I will be fine to up my mileage on Saturday too. I actually think I am going to adjust some of my runs as the training continues to make sure that I get enough quality long runs before the 1/2. 

I got a new haircut!!! And a new color to boot. It had been a while since I had my hair did, and it needed it. Since going darker with my color, my regrowth just looks terrible! My natural hair is sooo much lighter than my darker shade, so my regrowth look like I have gray hair!! YIKES!
So, when I went in last night, my lovely hair stylist, Holly, decided that we should go for the ombre look that is so popular right now. Stars like Drew Barrymore and Gisele are making it famous.
Basically, it's darker on top and lighter towards the bottom. Kind of like a highlight that has grown out. But instead of lightening the ends, we darkened my roots by 2 shades.
Now I realize, you can't really tell... and to be honest, I can't really tell in person unless I look really close. But I think I will like the effect. And I asked her to go SASSY on the cut... IPhone pics do NOT give my cute, sassy haircut any justice. I'll try to get a better pic soon.

And we've already decided to go lighter at the end of April, to get ready for my trip and spring!

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