Sunday, February 27, 2011

16th Race

Yesterday I ran my 16th race ever! Wahoo. ha.
It was the first leg of the Triple Crown (5K, 10K, 10 miler) leading up to the Derby 1/2 Marathon in April. So yesterday was the 5K. I had wanted to break my previous 5K PR of 31:00. Actually, I wanted to beat 30 min all together. And after finding out I was going to be doing this race alone, I just had a feeling I could do it.

My official time:

I am so pumped. I honestly didn't think that I could shave off almost 4 minutes from my previous time, but wow! So Congrats to me!!!!

I will say though, running a race by yourself isn't so much fun. The running part is OK, but the before and after just kind of suck. Especially if you just blew away your old PR and want to be excited with someone. Just saying.

The next race, 10K, is in 2 weeks... gotta  get some more long runs in. I am feeling behind.

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