Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hormones and Challenges

Anyone else's hormones way out of wack!? I am serious!! I know this is a little personal, but really, it's getting bad. And what I am really noticing is my face breaking out and my hair falling out. It's crazy. My face hasn't been this bad in years, YEARS I tell you. Let me give you an example...
Do you see this? WHAT IS THIS?!? WHY WHY WHY people!? I am on a war path to make this better.. spending lots of money on different kinds of products, and nothing.
I even have asked my doctor.. and basically got laughed at. And not to mention my hair is falling out.. not like in chunks, but there is WAY more hair in the skin than normal.. I am getting nervous. 

But since my doctor didn't give me any clue as to what to do, I have decided to take matters in to my own hands. 

I had been taking daily vitamins religiously for a while, but then kind of fell off. So I am starting again. Taking vitamins to help me with my breakouts and my hair loss. Currently I am taking a multi-vitamin, fiber, potassium, B12 and Omega 3, 6, 9. The B12 and Omega's should help. And once I run out of the B12, I am going to go to a B-complex. 

But it's kind of a test.. I don't really know what I am doing. I am going to see if things start to clear up. If anyone has any suggestions, that would be great. 

Another challenge, to help with over all health, my face and hair and to save some money, G and I have decided to eat at home for the month of April. Every meal. We need to get back to cooking at home, and to eating better (we usually do better this way). I am hoping to keep track of everything, to keep us accountable but with my track record lately, we will see. The only meal we plan on eating out is for G's bday, other than that home it is (or if someone wants to cook for us). Wish us luck!


  1. I just read about you on Skinny Runner, and I have to agree that jeans should definitely come in length sizes for women! Amen!

  2. I found you from skinnyrunner. I was comepled to write because I have the SAME skin problem as you. I went to the dermatologist and he put me on sulfameth/tmp. It is a medicine used when you have a yeast infection. NO, I don't have a yeast infection, but I do have 3-5 cyst typically on my neck a week. The medicine has worked AWESOME!!!! Also too use products with a high amount of benzyol peroxide.

  3. Congrats on making it to Cat Lady Blogs!! My hubs and I decided to do the 'eat at home' test awhile back. We never set a length of time, it was more like eat everything in the house till we are forced to go to the grovery store. In the end we were eating baked beans and hotdogs! But it felt really good to save money and not waste food.

  4. I always had battles with my skin until I went on the pill and started to SKIP the placebo pills entirely. My dr said I should do this because I had really horrible periods. I have asked a few other doctors, they say its ok, I am still skeptical. Jury is out. But no more time-of-the-months and beautiful skin is great.

  5. I feel you. I have the same issues and have had them for years. I stay on birth control to prevent the breakouts but lately things have gone all wrong. I am losing my hair and extra sweaty and greasy. I have hashimotos a thyroid disease but my thyroid levels are normal so no meds yet. I know how it feels to lose the hair, mine is thinning and it is depressing. You should ask your doctor to check you for thyroid issues and hashimotos. You never know. Good Luck!

  6. Hi Lauren - I may be able to help you. What you are experiencing is not hormone-related acne, it's stress-related, which is also consistent with your experience of hair loss. Hormone-related adult acne typically affects the chin - think of a man's goatee area - whereas stress-related adult acne typically affects the jawline onto the neck.
    When some one experiences stress-related hair loss, the hair will start to fall out approximately three months after the onset of the stressful event or time period. Unfortunately, you can expect the hair loss to continue for about another three months, then you should find that will taper off back to normal, and by that time, frequently, you might already see new little hairs already starting to grow back.
    So keep on with the vitamins, get proper rest, lots of know, the usual stuff. Also, it helps if your face products are of the same line. For example if you are using "Brand X" face wash, your toner and moisturizer should also be "Brand X". Product lines are designed to work synergistically, according to that brand's skin-care philosophy, so you don't want to use competing product lines that may have ingredients that are not going to work optimally together.

  7. I just found you through Skinny Runner and I have to say I'm having the same issues - I can't tell if it's the change in season or because I'm becoming more active.

    I will say this - I do notice that when I eat more sweeteners [like splenda or sugar free stuff] I break out all over my chin! SO strange. I can't eat sugar free jello - and I hate that. I've been using Truvia lately but still it seems to be messing up my skin...

    Keep us posted I would love to see how your experiment goes!

  8. Thanks for all the comments and suggestions.. I'll do a longer post about this soon. Some factors as to why I am thinking it's more hormone related. And WELCOME!