Friday, February 18, 2011

Shoe update and more

I FINALLY went and picked up my new shoes last night.. and surprise surprise.. they are NOT the 2150s, but rather the 2160s!!!! Apparently, the shoe store could not order the 2150s because they are last season, so the 60s are the updated model. I tried them on, and while they felt slightly different from the 2150s I tried on, I think they will be just fine. I am testing on my "long" (4 miles) run tomorrow. And as a bonus, a MUCH improved color combination. 

So, I did end up running on Wednesday, 3 miles. I did not, however, do my strength training. And to be honest, I am feeling kind of bad about my slacking the past 2 weeks. I was doing so well when I was P90X-ing, and now, my strength training has just gone down hill. Sadly, I think my body is feeling the same thing. So tonight, as my cross training, I am going to really sweat it out. I need it. The flab on my stomach needs it. How else am I supposed to be in bikini shape by may? I really need to get back on the ball with eating better (we havent been to the grocery in a while, which results in eating out way to much) and really sweating, and working on strength. 

Stay tuned for a P90X "after" measurements post, which I totally forgot to do 2 weeks ago.. oops!

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