Saturday, February 19, 2011

P90X review-- a little late

Daily workout - 4 mile run/39:07

I forgot a while back to do my measurement review from my 1 month of P90X. I only did the phase 1 because I knew I'd be starting my 1/2 marathon training in February. And although, I'd like to be a badass and say I could do both, I don't think so! I tried to make my own schedule doing that last year, and kind of burnt myself out, and really, the results weren't there like I had hoped. So, I just did 1 month to get some good cardio and weight training in before starting my 1/2 training
Here are my numbers:
Chest : -1.5"
R Arm : same as before
L Arm : -.5 (yes, my arms measure differently)
Waist: -1"
Hips: -.5"
R Thigh: -.5"
L Thigh: +.5" (yeah, these aren't the same either)

So overall, I was down in every category a little bit. I think my weight was pretty much the same, and continues to be the same. But I do feel like my clothes are a little loser and I'm definitely gaining muscle in my arms... my masseuse even told me I had good muscle definition in my back! woot.

There you have it. I plan on doing another measurement at the end of 4 weeks of 1/2 training and see how it's effecting my body. 

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