Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Still here...

Just been busy.. when did I last post? I can't remember.

Past few days workouts:

Friday - P90X Core Synergistic video
Saturday - 4 mile run (have no idea my time because I messed up my watch)
Sunday - rest day (was supposed to do strength and stretch.. didn't)
Monday - had planned a 3 mile run, but it was Valentine's day and my hubby suprised me with reservations
Tuesday - 2 miles/ 19:19 (I was speeding along - for me - at the end because we got UK tickets last minute!! )

Today I am scheduled for another 3 miles and some strength training (arms). Crossing my fingers that I get both done because I just need to get back on schedule. After tonights run, I am off tomorrow and then some cross training on friday (cardio video) and a 4 miler on saturday.

But one thing I am EXCITED about is NEW SHOES!!!! I haven't bought new running shoes since training for the Maui 1/2 in September. Well, I haven't really run since then either, but I have been putting the shoes to work while doing other forms of exercise. I went 2 weeks ago to get fitted for some new shoes. I have basically been fitted for the same shoe, multiple times. But when G and I were training in the summer, I was having some leg/foot pain. So after the race (didnt want them to tell me I could run!) I went to see an orthopedic. And he said he couldn't find anything wrong, but to get new shoes and more specifically, to visit Swag's here in town because they know what they are talking about. So, finally, I got out there. And you know what? He told me my shoes were TOO BIG! Here I have been running in the same shoe, for almost 2 years, in the wrong size! He said I wore them well, but that they were just too big. So, I ordered the correct size.. and I get to pick them up today!!!

Asics 2150.. in size 7.5! (don't believe people that say you HAVE to go up a size in athletic shoes)

Oh, and asics (and other shoe brands) need to have some better options on colors for women. Just saying.

And a shout and congratulations to Running off the Reese on finding a shoe that fits! And that is also the Asics 2150!

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