Monday, August 10, 2009

words words words

Back in high school, my senior year, we had to write a short paper on a word we hated, and it could have been anything. Well at the time, nothing really bothered me so much as to hate a word, and so I found the task a little difficult to do. I ended up picking the word "suck" and making up some BS about why I didnt like it. (I probably ended up getting a B on the paper, who knows0. Well I have found as I have grown older that my taste for certain words have changed. The reason this has come into my head today is because while sitting at my usual morning meeting at work, I heard several words that just put a bad taste in my mouth: dribbling (unless talking about basketball), wipe, trickle. I know there are others. But these were the ones that came up this morning. YUCK. Do these have to be used?

Any words that make you cringe?