Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Make-up GALORE

One of my bridesmaids and I went shopping last night at good ol' Sephora for some wedding make-up. I have decided to do my own makeup for the wedding only because I generally dont like the way other people do it. I had gone in to Sephora back when my sister was in town to get some ideas on what i would need to have "flawless" makeup for the wedding day. At that time, I had it done by one of the sale associates and she wrote down everything she used on me. So last night, I finally decided to breakdown and buy some. Here's what I got:
HD Make Up Forever Foundation and HD Powder. I had originally tried on Diorskin Forever. But I have heard great things about the HD line, that I decided to go with that instead. Also, the HD Powder makes your face feel sooo smooth. This I love. I bought it because of how oily my skin gets throughout the day. I am hoping that it helps that.
My sister had given me the Nars bronzer and blush duo for one of my showers and I just love it too. It is very subtle and natural. This picture really doesnt do it justice.
So I am still on a hunt for eye shadow colors. I cant decide what I want to do. When the girl did my make-up the first time, she used light purples, but it just didnt seem to be dramatic enough. And last night a different girl at Sephora put on some charcoal colors with a warm undertone, that I liked, but I dont think it was the right shade either. I am thinking i want to go more warm with brown tones, to help make my eyes look bluer.. I CANT DECIDE!! Any help on colors or brands is greatly appreciated (I need something that wont clump in the crease of my eye)

Oh, and I am trying out all my new stuff today, to see how it does on extended wear. I'll let you know my thoughts tomorrow.

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  1. Makeup Forever and Urban Decay have great shadows but your real key to it not creasing is going to be using a primer specifically for eye shadow. I recommend Laura Mercier's but I hear good things about Benefit and Urban Decay's versions. Also, after you put the primer on make sure you put a layer of shadow down that is the same color as your skin tone - it will help seal everything down.