Thursday, August 13, 2009

What's the secret

I am ultimately determined to think that there is some BIG secret about weight loss. Screw eating right and exercising everyday... I do that shit and nothing happens. So what is it?! Who can tell me. Why are there people in this world who do NOTHING and are rails?!? GIVE ME THE SECRET! I wanna know. It's not starving yourself, I have seen you eat. I just don't get it. I just want to lose 5lbs before my wedding. A measly ol' 5 lbs. I just cant seem to get over the hump. I watched myself in the mirror last night when I did my "Shred" and almost gagged. :( I know girls complain about this stuff all the time... and really I have never been one to really talk about it. But I am very serious about it. I don't need to be 100 lbs, I just wanna feel toned and strong. I guess. So what is it!??!?!?

On another note.
I am getting my hair cut and colored Saturday.. along with my first ever eye brow wax. EEEK! I love to pluck my eye brows, but I thought they could use some professional treatment before the big day. So I have been just letting them go, without any maintenance for a minute and they are seriously grossing me out... YUCK! I hope no one is paying attention to them, because its like having really hairy legs.. ew. But this is the color I think I want done to my hair...
It's kind of hard to tell from this picture. But there are other pictures where her hair is pulled up and I think it looks awesome. It's a little blonder than normal, but I like all the dimension.
Oh and this sister has lost her tan... I gotta go to the tanning bed or do some laying out before the pools close!

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  1. Be careful with the eyebrow wax! I did mine the week of my wedding (HUGE MISTAKE) and wound up broken out everywhere they had put the wax. Thank goodness for makeup artists and photo touch up!