Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Really?! I mean really?!

So, last week I had to send of my engagement ring (for the 3rd) time to the manufacturer to get a diamond replaced that had fallen out. It was one of the small side stones that I have on the ring, not the big one. This has been an on-going problem with the ring, and the manufacturer/jeweler has been nice enough to "fix" it the other 2 times by replacing the stone, and sending it back. Now, granted, the "fix" wasnt that great, but at least you couldnt really tell unless you looked closely at it. But this is the 3rd time, and I have had enough. So the guy said this time, maybe I would get a new setting to alliviate the problem. Well, I get an email today saying "the rings are pretty worn" and "they have been hit with force causing the diamonds to fall out".. WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP!! I have only worn 1 of the rings for a little over a year, this is the third time (have i said this) this has happened, and I work in an office all day. Are you serious?! So, now it looks like they are turning the situation around on me, when all I have done is worn the ring like any other normal person would. It just doesnt make any sense. I am extremely mad and had to write a forceful email. And I am hoping he writes me back with a new setting. I dont even know what to do. The bad part is, it wasnt bought locally. G bought it in St. Maarten and it was set in California, so its all a he said/she said story. UGH.. I AM SO MAD. I pray my email came off across in the right way. I just want it fixed.. correctly.

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