Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wedding Blogs

Occassionaly I will get a wild hair and get on some major blog-stalking. I have a few I read everyday (see reads on left) and then I check swsmag.net every few days for the latest in real southern wedding pictures. And all of it makes me AMAZED. Where do these people find the time to do all this?!?! It really makes me want to change my profession from graphic designer to wedding designer... wait wait wait.. what? I mean, I am not particularly found of planning my wedding, it has just been very stressful. But on the other end, I love doing the design part of it all and making it really personal. You should see my invites! LOVE THEM. (I'll post pics soon.. again, I have NO TIME!).

But this is where I started today
And every single one of these blogs has something unique and "I-wanna-do-that" about it. I cant even help myself.

I wanted to post pictures of everything I saw today but it would take hours upon hours to fit it all in.. and it would be a lot of reading.

Maybe I am in the wrong profession. I dont know. It's all so creative. I love it. There is so much more to this post, but I have lost my train of thought! haha.

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