Friday, August 21, 2009

Survey says...

I said I would write in on my feelings about the new make-up. And so far so good. I didnt get to wear it yesterday because I was running late for work , but I decided I needed one more go around (actually I'll probably keep playing with it till the wedding day) before posting. I think I like the primer my sister got my "Dont let them see you shine" by Philosophy (dont think I mentioned it the other day) And the HD foundation and powder are great! Good coverage. I am still oily, but I just think that is the nature of my skin and will have to deal.. although, its not AS oily with the primer. Also, I have been using my MAC eye primer that I have had for a while, to retest it. And while it does a much better job of avoiding the clumps than without any primer.. I think I still need to find something else. I guess I'll look when I go back (AGAIN!) for my eye shadow color. I am still thinking browns, but maybe a little more dramatic.. I DUNNO. I hate deciding

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