Monday, March 9, 2009

It starts today..

As you know, I have been running a lot lately. I mean up to 5 times a week. And actually, finished the first leg of the Triple Crown of Racing, the Anthem 5K just this past Saturday. I am very happy with my time of 31:12. The next portion of the Triple Crown is a 10K in 2 weeks, which I think I will be prepared for. But in doing all this running, I have not seen any differences in my body. It's sort of frustrating. While I am running for just the sense of accomplishment and a nice goal to set, there is also a big part that wants to look better too. I thought with running this much, my clothes would fit better, and lose a few pounds, but no, not really. So, today starts the diet. I really hate dieting. I understand the principles behind it, but I really just want to eat my fried chicken, potatoes and have a real coke (maybe this is my ultimate problem!!). Why cant it be easy? So now its 1400 calories a day; good healthy food; no sodas or juice, just water; limit portions, etc etc etc. I am going to write everything down to keep track of what I am doing. Hopefully this will actually do something. I will give it a few weeks and see how I do, and if there is a difference, then I will try my hardest to maintain until the wedding day (and beyond!?)


  1. Mmmmm...chicken, potatoes and a Coke...damn, I'm hungry...

  2. if you're drinkin' regular coke i bet if you just dropped that things would change...hope you're well...