Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dog Kennels??

Next week, G and I are heading to Florida for a few days and we have one major issue, Charlie Baxter. In the past, we have asked people to come to our house and watch him, but after their stay is over, we dont talk to them for like months... we can only assume that he is just terrible with other people. Now, we know he is a bad dog with us, so its hard to ask someone to come watch our 100lb "bad dog" knowing he will probably jump on them, grab something off the counter, not get in his crate, etc. So I think G and I have decided to send him to the kennel for a few days. Has anyone else done this? We are just nervous and we kind of feel bad. But I am thinking it might be the best option for him.. and maybe he'll learn a few things. I dont know. I need some opinions. The place we would take him is very nice, I just hope he gets the attention he needs.


  1. We have always taken our dogs to dogwood kennel. It's on Shelbyville rd past Valhalla on the left, and they're fantastic. He will have his own indoor space as well as outdoor space. My mom found them like probably 20 years ago, and we don't go anywhere else. Another option would be to call a pet sitting service that will come to your mom has someone who's son does if you want their information just let me know. :)GOOD LUCK!!

  2. i haven't done it but i know friends who have and they've always been happy with it...good luck!