Tuesday, March 10, 2009


My mother and I were in Dillards home department the other day. So I started looking at the different china patterns.. and man! I am going to have a tough time deciding what kind of china to register for. I loved them all.. especially the Kate Spade and Vera Wang collections.. so cute! I know some people my age dont want nice china, because they think they'll never use it. But I want nice china for those special occassions. I would post pictures, but i cant get them off the website! UGH. But I also have found some really awesome flatware. These days I am totally in to all things fleur de lis. And there is a local store called Work the Metal that has some very cute fleur stuff, including flatware. I couldnt find a picture of it exactly, but i found another set that is pretty fabulous too..
They also carry a bunch of fleur de lis stemware that I want (and hope I get).
Terrible picture, but you get the idea.


  1. i love the kate spade stuff. LOVE. IT.

  2. Kate Spade & Vera Wang do have some fabulous patterns...

    Have you heard about the cool tool that they have now, to help you pick your China? I blogged about it recently, it's kind of a interactive tool but they show styles from both those designers - you could mix & match & play all day...lol.

    Here's the link if you want to read or visit the site:


    Or, just go to Brides.com - they've got it on their site as well.

    There's also a book that might be of help, if you need - (I desperately need since I'm far from domestic...lol). It's called:

    "Making A Home" by Better Homes & Gardens - if you visit a book store, check it out...page 290 starts an entire section on how to choose your fine china, tips, advice, etc. It's pretty easy to read & navigate...

    Ok it's late night & I'm just babbling, whoopsie daisies! Have fun! ;)

    ~Jaime @ "It's A Jaime Thing"