Thursday, March 19, 2009

No self control

I have been trying to do so good at this eating healthy thing.. and then my stomach takes over! I think I am discovering that myself control is going down the drain!! This is not good 6 months before the wedding. I would love to be one of those people that can go hours without eating, and when do eat, make it a salad... but no, Im not. I feel I have to eat every 2 hours-- which could be related to the fact that I have been running so much.. and all the fitness people tell you to eat so often, but somehow I dont think devouring a whole small box of Cheesits is what they mean. I need to get some real good healthy snacks. For instance, grapes! Actually a trip to the grocery is needed anyway. I just dont think about snacks when I leave for work in the morning, therefore when my hunger hits at 9:30, I head to the walgreens and pick up something. I have done better about cutting out soda and drinking more water, so at least that is something right.
I wonder where Sour Patch Kids fall into a healthy diet??! :)

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