Monday, July 26, 2010

Trying again... or something

Well folks,
I have decided to set another goal.. to loose some pound-age (technical term here). I can't help but be slightly disappointed with my 2010 goal of loosing just a few pounds. I feel like I have been working my butt off since the beginning of the year... with only taking a short time off, I have pretty much worked out 4-6 days a week since Jan 1.. and for some god forsaken reason, I am not a toothpick.

So, I am giving myself 2 week to loose 5 pounds.
Why 2 weeks? I'll tell you later.
Why 5 pounds? Because it seems reasonable and doable.

So seeing as I am already training for the Maui half marathon that is in September, this is obviously my main form of exercise. Each day, I am going to hold myself accountable and loyally blog my food intake and my exercise for the next two weeks. Hopefully this will help me to achieve my goal. If not, well, then, I don't know.

But let's start off with the basics.
(* to self: Do I tell my weight? do I not?)
Let's just say I am 1XX lbs. :) haha.
I am on week 8 of a 16 week training program for a 1/2 marathon.Here is my gear. (and yes, I even took pics AFTER my run today, so don't judge on my sweatyness)
Nike Tempo Shorts-- in all honesty, they don't really fit me great.. but I wear them anyway.. I am in the middle of being a small and a medium. Smalls being a tad tight, and mediums feeling like I have a little somthing extra
Men's "wife beater" tank -- I have also come to the conclusion, these are not that great for long, HOT runs. They get bigger!! And eventually feel like they are choking me, but it's all I had today.
Watch-- to keep track of my time when running, I stop it if I stop to walk (I know I shouldnt, but it makes me feel better), or if Charlie has to pee. Id like a garmin GPS watch this year for Xmas (hint, hint)
Nathan Speed 2 water belt-- This is my favorite thing right now. Since it has been sooo hot, and there aren't a lot of water stops on my routes, this is perfect. The 2 10oz size bottles are a perfect size for me without being too heavy to carry.
Asics GT 2150 -- I have been fitted for these shoes so many times, that they are my "go to" shoe for running. Iphone/Ipod -- I ususally dont have any kind of music, but I have had to do a few runs by myself lately and so I take it for background noise.
Avis sports bra-- nothing fancy
Big Dumb Dog-- my running buddy on some of the less hot days.

Today it may have been a little too hot.

Today's workout: 5 miles -- we walk/ran for the entire length, probably running a total of 4.5 (if I go by my watch time)
Today's food intake-- not great.
Bfast- nutrigran bar, sunny d
Lunch - J Gumbo nachos and coke --- I have a small excuse, I had to go get my car looked at lunch time, and didnt have time to go home, like I normally do, to get lunch, and I was starving
Dinner - haven't eaten yet, but probably the rest of what I had last night-- grilled chicken and veggies with bowtie pasta.
And lots of WATER!

So that's that.. sorry for the long post. I hope you stick around for this adventure I am on (and I hope I can keep up on it every day).


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