Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 2...

and I am still here!! :) Can you believe it?
Here are today's stats

Ran 2 miles (on schedule)
Total time: somewhere about 19.45. Hey, I never said I was fast. And I said "somewhere" because about every other run, I have some issue with my watch where I press the wrong button and things get mixed up!

It was a hot run today, as usual. But it had just rained so it was muggy too! Fantastic
Oh and I came home and did some crunches to help with core strengthing. While laying there, I decided that I think I am going to do the P90X abs after my short run days (tuesday and thursday) then switch off between an arm or a leg on friday and sunday since they are my days off.. we will see if that actually happens, but I need some strength training and toning.

Bfast- nutrigrain bar
lunch - deli sliced chicken breast on whole wheat with a thin layer of mayo (for moisture ;) ) and a lemonade. .(let's just say I dont like my lunch selections at home, and I come up 95% of the time for lunch since I work a mile from home... I need to work on this)Dinner-- not yet, but I think it will be a salad with balsamic dressing
snacks - a handful of cheezits and a few orange slices (candy)... they are in my desk, don't judge, or do..
and WATER!!! of course.

And I'll leave you with this.. While doing said crunches, this is where the big dog chose to cool off! Right on top of me. Thanks CB!!

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