Thursday, July 8, 2010

My blog post about Eclipse

Yes, I am on the band wagon known as the Twilight series. Back in 2008, when we took our trip to Italy, my sister was just starting to read the first in the series. This is sort of when it all blew up. She had finished the first one while we were on the trip, so I read it on our flight home. I actually finished Twilight on the 8 hour flight from Rome to Atlanta... granted, it's an easy read, but I was definitely hooked!

I ended up buying the entire series in hard back and finished them all pretty quickly, and before the first movie came out. And I went and saw the first film, and the second. And last night, I went and saw the third, Eclipse.

As much as I love the books and the story line, the movies (and maybe the books too) are SO CORNY!! I mean, the acting is so bad. I want to love the people they chose for the main characters, but it's hard when they are all so stiff. I actually had to laugh out loud in the theater last night just thinking about how silly the whole thing was. Now, don't get me wrong, I will see the final installment, but I'm just saying its so silly! lol.

Kristen Stewart is down right awkward. And I realize that is part of Bella's character, but if she is supposed to be soooo in love with Edward, why does she slightly pull back every time he kisses her!??! It's weird. And she is just sooo blah. That is not how I read the character at all.

And Robert Pattinson is sooo corny and totally not a crooner...which, again, is how I pictured him to be. He's this lanky, awkward person trying to be smooth and infatuated.

I do love me some Taylor Lautner, but only for his amazing abs. He kind of pulls off the character correctly, but there is still something really too sweet about him. Too soft spoken.

And don't get me started on how awkward Jasper is! And cut your hair, you look like an idiot!! I had totally forgotten the part about jasper being the civil war dude. His texas accent was sooo bad and annoying to say the least.

So there it is... my blog post about Eclipse. I can't wait to see how horribly bad the final movie will be. I wish they had cast the characters better. But I guess, when you aren't sure if this movie will even make $1, you take what you can get.

(side note to the image I used... if R Pattz didn't talk to the whole movie, it might work better.. the poster is hot and right on target, but he is not!)

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