Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wedding panic all over again.

Since its been almost a month (can't believe it!) since the big day, I have been going back over things that happened that day, and things that I would change if I could do it all over again. For instance, not talking to everyone at the reception. Do you know how hard that is to do?! I have been trying to write my thank you cards and I keep finding myself going "were they at the wedding?!" I totally missed a lot of people, but thankfully G made up for the ones I missed. Speaking of thank you cards, I would have started a lot earlier on them (like when I received gifts BEFORE the wedding). It is a long process to write an individual note to everyone, but it's in the works. And today, while walking my dog this morning, I had a panic on whether or not I took a photo with just my parents. I do NOT remember doing this. And if I didnt get one I am going to be very disappointed. It was such a rush after the ceremony, I have no idea what pictures got taken. I hope there is one with my parents. And I hope there is one with G's parents (and siblings). I am freaking out that there is not.
I sort of thought that after the big day was over all this stress would go away!! I have even had several wedding dreams (aka nightmares!), WTF? Maybe once I finally see my professional pictures, finish my thank you cards, and see the wonderful guest book my sister is making I'll finally have some conclusion. But as of right now, it's not over!


  1. Its amazing how stress and panic really make our memories very odd!! Good luck.

  2. I still have nightmares about school, and it's been almost 7 yrs...