Friday, October 9, 2009

The Ring Saga Continues

I think I posted a while back that I had lost a diamond out of my engagement ring about a month before my wedding. It was the 3rd time it had happened. I thought at the time, they were going to send me a brand new setting since it had happened 3 times in one year, but alas, they just replaced the stone and sent it back. Even guaranteeing me it would never happen again..


so much for the guarantee. While on our honeymoon, they day we went snorkeling actually, I discovered another diamond had fallen out. Now, the stone that falls out is never the same one as before. The crazy thing, I hadnt even worn my ring that day because they told us "no jewelry" for the excursion. I waited patiently till we got home to worry about the matter. I emailed the guy on Monday, he said they would take care of it and not to worry (same thing I have heard the past 3 times!) but by wednesday I had lost ANOTHER diamond! This is just getting ridiculous! I am so angry. I just want a new setting. I dont need an upgrade. Just something that will hold all of my stones in place. And be able to wear my ring EVERY day.

Here is the current situation:
The missing diamonds are on the back of the band, so you cant tell.. but still!!
And here is a pic of my two rings together... I love them!

(oops, a little crooked on my hand!)

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