Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Invitations, annoucements, menus, etc

I know I have probably mentioned this before (if not a million times), but now that things have settled a little bit I think I want to be back in the business of wedding creations. Not that I am wanting to plan a whole other wedding (H*LL NO!). But I do think that I love the design of invitations and annoucements, and any other printed piece you may need for the big day! For instance, for my personal wedding, I designed and assembled my own invitations (including the reply card and information sheet), the programs, drink menus (we created our own signature drinks), reserved table signs, and we even printed our own thank you cards! I love that everything matched and really followed the theme of the wedding.
I wish I had pictures of all this stuff.. hopefully I will get all that soon and post some. Just to give an idea of how it all fit together.
But I think I want to create invitations and any other printed pieces for other people's weddings (or birth annoucements, parties, etc). I think this will go great with my paper/stationary studio that I want to open as well. And as you may know, I just LOVE letterpress and hope to get into that business too.
There is just so much I want to do... where does a girl find the time?!

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