Thursday, October 29, 2009


Halloween, my favorite holiday ever (even though my mother says I used to not like it because of the people in masks scared me) is just 2 days away!! I am soo excited. I have already told you how crazy our street gets on halloween night, and I am definitely looking forward to it. The problem at this point, is that I have not a clue about a costume. The original idea was to be a dead bride and groom with G, and we were going to decorate our yard to match. Well, that has kind of flown out the window. I dont think G really likes to be "dead" things and I on the other hand LOVE IT. I would much rather be something gory than something slutty. BTW, I do NOT get this whole "dress up as a tramp" on halloween thing. People that do this look rediculous (and your butt is hangin' out!). Anyway, now that that idea is not happening, I havent a clue for a better costume. And costumes are expensive if you go to those Halloween stores. I want to do something cheap and that I can find the majority of it at my house. I may just be a witch (classic). I would just need a hat ( and maybe a black wig, cause that'd be perfect). And then I have black tights, dress, shoes, etc. I even have fake eye lashes that I had bought for the wedding but never used. I dunno. I always seem to wait till the last minute to find something to wear. UGH. Suggestions welcome!

Oh, and I did not carve the pumpkin you see. Although, I might take the idea and do it on the last pumpkin we have to carve, I am still looking for ideas for that one too! So much to do, so little time.

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