Tuesday, May 11, 2010


(I had to go back and make sure I hadnt already talked about this... it's a recurring topic in my head).


Toes kind of gross me out. More specifically, toe nails. I think they are probably one of the grossest things ever. And I am not exactly sure why. Even more specifically than just toe nails, is toe trauma! Like, bruised toe nails, or fungus or what have you. Any kind of damage involving toes sicken's me.
This particular video makes me cringe and gag... what is the point?!?!? GROSS!!
When he lifts up the nail... gag... can't even talk about it.

I am also not a fan of toe nail polish. All you are doing is just making everyone look at your nasty little piglets! And what is worse, FRENCH PEDICURES! YUCK YUCK YUCK... it just says "hey look, I have long toe nails!".. which are sick. Seriously, who invented that?It's not that I don't like feet. I have no problem with feet.. it's more just toe nails... they gross me out.
But I do love a pedicure ;) And I went and got one last night with my mom for a late Mother's Day event. I always either get a very pale pink, that matches my skin tone, or clear. Can't have pink or red, then all I see are my toes flopping around when I walk in sandals.. not what I want to do. I have branched out one or two times and gotten a flower, but that is just because it is fun.. but still kind of makes me ill.

Does anyone else have this serious dislike for toes?
( I realize this is a bit of rant.. but it was just in my head today.. ew toes!)


  1. haha! this made me laugh!
    I actually have a dislike for PAYING someone to paint my toenails. It costs SO much and they nick a few days later! Waste! :):)

  2. LOL, I'm so sorry I've been traumatizing you with my red polish! I love red polish. So sexy!

    But the commercial? Yeah, ICK GAG YUCK. Can't watch it. I once stopped dating a guy because he had toe fungus. No way that crap was getting anywhere near me. Eww.

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