Thursday, May 6, 2010

coke and cookies for bfast?

apparently this morning that is the breakfast of champions! ugh.

Yesterday was Cinco De Mayo.. of course.. so we had to go out and celebrate (just another holiday to take in a vast amount of alcohol when no one really knows the reason for the celebration... here's some reading if you want to know the reason Anyway.. so I went out and had a few margaritas..yum! Mostly sugar really with a bit of tequila.. but I woke up today not feeling well at all. I dont know if it was actually the tequila or something we ate (which we ended up getting sushi because the mexican was taking to long). Needless to say, todays food choices havent been steller.

Bfast-- real coke, soft batch cookies (i was starving and nothing else looked good at the walgreen's)
lunch -- mcD's.. it's my go-to fast food choice. and it was gross.

I am hoping to have a more sensible dinner.. we shall see

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