Monday, May 17, 2010

Back on track

SOOOOO.. I really need to get my ass back and gear. After the 1/2 marathon I basically took two weeks off. I said I was only going to take one week off, but that didn't work out as well as planned. I am just having a hard time because I have no "goal". I would love to say that losing 10 lbs is my ultimate goal ( and it is ) but somehow that just doesn't motivate me to get into a workout routine.

Last week I had decided that I was going to actually do the P90X, as intended (every day) for my last phase... since i skipped the last week of Phase 2 (oops!) And also, incorporate some running. I started off the week pretty strong:
Monday: 2 miles, chest & back, Ab Ripper
Tuesday: Cardio X
Wednesday: nada (was supposed to be Yoga X, but I really don't like Yoga so I couldnt force myself)
Thursday: 2 miles, Shoulders & Arms, Ab Ripper
Friday: nada (was supposed to be Core Synergistics)
Saturday: nada (was supposed to be Kenpo X)
Sunday: nada (rest day)

So really, I did do something 3 days, but I still feel like I failed a little bit. I am trying to get back on schedule this week. Picking up where I left off and moving everything back until I can catch up again. I am also going to try my hardest to run too (on my strength days). I dont want to completely loose everything I worked so hard for with the 1/2 marathon, since i am hopng to start training at the beginning of June.

I guess my main issue is that I just don't feel like i have enough hours in the day.. I know I have complained about this before so I won't get into it, but it's really my downfall. That and not having someone pushing me to do it. I was doing good when we were training because I had to hold G accountable which meant I had to be accountable too.

So, I dont know, I am just complaining and want to get it back together. I am determined to reach my year goal of being in the best shape ever and losing some weight. I know I have picked up a few pounds from last year and I am not happy about it, but, I am coming back.

I just have to keep it up.

And soon, my eating habits HAVE to change... if I am learning anything it's that exercise is DEFINITELY not enough. UGH.. I just want to be one of those "naturally" thin people.. hate them..

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  1. yea, I hate them too, damn those naturally skinny people! Keep at it, it will come easier with time. Check out my brother's web site he has some good motivational information. I have blogged about my own journey to fitness. I am a major work in progress. Didn't start loosing the baby weight till my youngest was 10 years old, yea, just a little distracted!! Anyway, I enjoy your writing, keep it up!!