Friday, May 14, 2010


Two different people ordering off menus.... and seemingly trying to be "healthy"

Instance 1:
Place: QDoba Mexican Grill
Order: (placed by guy in late 30s)
Naked Burrito with chicken
no salsa, no veggies, cheese and sour cream.
His order consisted of rice, chicken, cheese and sour cream...
dont you think you want something green on there buddy? I mean you are trying to be all healthy and all by not ordering the tortilla wrap and getting a water... what makes you think that having a completely yellow meal is a good idea??

Instance 2:
Place: McDonalds (I was going for a coke, I know bad, bad)
Order: (again placed by a guy in his late 30s)
Regular, crispy chicken, snack wrap
no lettuce!
Plus a powerade and french fries..
again, you are taking the only thing that is green out of your order.. and lettuce doesnt taste like anything!! Trying to be healthy by ordering the powerade?

I realize I am probably completely wrong in thinking I know what these people are trying to order.. it just didnt make much sense to me with the rest of their meal. And by the time you are in your 30s, don't you know you need to eat something green!!! I am not sure why these two instances stuck out to me, but they did and I felt the need to share. It's probably because I have been thinking alot about health, nutrition and what exactly goes into our bodies, lately. But never the less, I was ordering a real coke and McD and mexican gumbo at Qdoba (hey it has veggies!)

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