Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Things are rolling

My passions may have just been started. I have been asked to do, not one, but THREE! different wedding invitations for friends. I am ecstatic. And I am crossing my fingers that everything goes smoothly and works out. I have been on a hunt for a good local printer and I need to start a file of inspiration designs.
Today I have even contacted a letterpress company that isnt to far from me, so that hopefully I will have that as an option as well -- since we all know I LOVE letterpress! EEKS. I am just so thrilled.
This is what I want to do. I think I could really be passionate about all of this. I love it. And I like the idea of making pretty things, and having new clients all the time, and letting my creative juices flow.
I have been so inspired ever since I created my own and am so thrilled to hopefully be creating more for some wonderful people. I'll let you know how the process goes once things get more underway.
Oh happy day!

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