Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving ReCap

Thanksgiving was fabulous! I just love having four days off to enjoy friends, family and food!! We had a busy and relaxing weekend (if you can put the two together). Thursday afternoon, we headed out to the horse race track to bet on some pony's. We have done this the last few years, and always have a blast going. My parents, aunt and uncle, cousins and some family friends all went. Even though its exciting just to be there, it is really more fun when you win... well, I didnt win! Not one single race. G did end up winning one superfecta that put him a head, but no one else seemed to have the same luck! Oh well. Thursday night, we headed to G's family's for turkey dinner and it was delicious!
Friday was a pretty relaxing day. G had to work a little bit, so I went to my parents to hang out with them and do some walking on the treadmill with dad. That night we ended up at G's aunts house (they are friends with my parents) for the traditional "Friends Thanksgiving". And another great meal.
I cannot remember what we did saturday afternoon.. I think I got a bit of work done, walked again with dad maybe, who knows. UK (my team!) played Tennessee that night, so we went to the local pub to watch the game.. And such a good game it was (going in to OT), even though UK lost (for the 26th time against UT... ugh!). Maybe next time.
Sunday, we decided to go get our Xmas tree. It was the quickest trip to get a tree I have ever done. We have gone to cut it down in the past, but this year, we didnt feel like making the track, only to get a sad looking tree. So we headed down to the nearest tree place (they set them up all over the city every year) and picked out a wonderful tree in about 5 minutes. They cut it, wrapped it and put it in our car... done in 10! haha. So we spent the rest of the afternoon decorating and even made a trip to Garden Ridge for a new mirror for above our mantel. Very successful day!
This week is going to be a doozy though. I have so much to do, and really not enough time. Tonight we are heading to the UK basketball game with friends. Tomorrow night I am getting my hair cut (pics to come), wednesday night I have to go to Sam's for food for our "cabining" trip this weekend. Thursday, prepare for trip, friday we leave... ugh.. and that is all on top of my personal work that I have to do for clients, Xmas shopping and G and I want to take our pic for our Xmas card too!! UGH. Never enough hours in the day.
Hope your week is better than mine. :)

Check out this picture we almost bought (not really) at Garden Ridge.. Charlie's graduation pic.. I cant help but think this is hilarious!!!(I think it looks JUST like him!!)

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