Friday, November 20, 2009

Xmas Shopping

It's the time of year to start thinking about Xmas shopping. I really cant believe where the year has gone that we are already talking about Christmas. Ugh. It just flies. Especially this month of November. I feel like yesterday was Halloween!
But thankfully, I dont really have too big of a list to shop for: my parents, sister, husband (our 1st Xmas as a married couple!! lol) are the primary people. Then we do a gift exchange with both of my parents families, so that's anther 2 people. Then G's dad and stepmom, step dad and his aunts and uncles... which he's helping me with these people.. not my family ;) So I have gathered some ideas, but am still working on them. Luckily, me and the girlfriends are heading to the outlets tomorrow!! I am pumped. Not only to do some Xmas shopping, but also to find things for ME! That's so bad, I know. But I can also gather things for my own "want" list.
My mom wants us to supply her a list of what we want for Xmas. This list is usually hard to come up with, at least at first. Like, right now, I havent a clue as to what I want. Clothes are ALWAYS a must, since I am constant purger of clothes (and I hate everything I own at the moment). And I am in need of dress pants for work. But other than that, I dont know. It's so hard to come up with a list, and also considering we got so much stuff for the wedding, we dont really need any housewares either. Listen to me, complaining about not knowing what people should buy me.. terrible! (But I'll figure it out :)~ )
Are you ready for Xmas shopping? And do you have your list!?

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