Monday, June 1, 2009

weekend recap

I had a great weekend!

Friday started off wonderfully when my boss informed us that we could leave early!!! YAY. This never happens. So with my extra hours I had on friday I got to get a few things done before going to a wedding.
Friends of ours got married on friday at a beautiful ceremony and fabulous reception. The food was good, the company was great, and we had an awesome time. Another wedding that I was jealous of, only because I want mine to be here. :) But G and I headed home early, for us. Because I had to get up and get moving the next day.
Saturday was the Kenny Chesney Sun City Carnival Tour concert!! An all day affair with my wonderful friend Anne. We headed out to the stadium around 2 o'clock, tailgated, played beer pong and finally headed into the concert around 4:30. We missed the first act, Lady Antebellum. But did get to see Miranda Lambert, Montgomery Gentry and my favorite, Sugarland, before Kenny came on. Anne and I had a ton of fun, and even snuck down to the field to get a better view. The night got a little crazy from there. And G ended up coming to pick me up (this is after laying in the parking lot and getting rained on.) Waking up the next day my feet and legs were completely black, GROSS! I have yet to look at my pictures, I'm scared. But it was soo much fun.
Yesterday, didnt do much. Picked up my car from the stadium, helped G revive his tomato plant, and headed to the pool. Relaxing.

Good weekend. Good friends. Ready for the next!

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