Monday, June 8, 2009

Hair did...

Saturday I went in to get my hair done. Cut, colored, and a quick trial run for the wedding. I have decided to do my hair up because it is way too fine to wear down and after all day, I think up would hold better. We did about 8 different updo's (2 of which we forgot to take pictures)... but I am only going to show two, they were the favorite.

This first one is cool because it creates this little rosette. If I choose to go with this, I think I want to find some sort of rhinestone hair piece to attach around the rosette.

I love the second one too. because it kind of twists up into this knot/bun.

Both styles will be the same on the top. Its just the bottom part I am deciding. I wanted them to be soft, no so "styled" and definitely not "prom hair". No pin curls and crazy things like that. Just something simple. Thoughts are welcomed!

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