Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Unintentional Offending

I admit, there are times when I offend people. But more times that not, I dont mean to. I am merely expressing how I feel inside, and it ends up hurting someones feelings. There are even times when I think what I am saying is helpful, but then somehow, it gets turned and I am offending. I get really paranoid if I have offended someone, because like I said, I dont mean to. I am not a harsh person, not a mean person, I dont even think I speak what's really on my mind half the time. I dont want someone to have ill words about me, or much worse, go behind my back and speak about something I may have said. I would really rather that person come out and say they were offended, and therefore I could apologize on the spot rather than someone gossiping.
Speaking of gossiping... I have to stop. Again, I dont gossip to be mean, but rather as to have something to talk about. Isnt it bad. I know I get talked about without me knowing and that thought makes me cringe. You want your friends and acquaintences to have nothing but good things to say about you. Therefore, I am going to try to stop gossiping, unless it is something EXTREMELY good, which in case, I don't know if you could consider it gossiping. I need to put good karma in the world, in order to get it back.
Maybe all this offensiveness and gossiping is what has made me have few friends... and even those can be hard to reach sometimes. :(

(Sorry if this blog entry offended... I am sure I did somewhere... please come out and tell me!)

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