Friday, June 12, 2009

Get a GRIP!

I am sure everyone has heard about this big controversy between David Letterman and Sarah Palin. So I am going to put in my 2 cents and all I can say is, GET A GRIP PEOPLE. I mean seriously?!?! First of all, David Letterman is a freakin comic! He bashes people every night. This isnt to say he really feels this way about anyone... merely trying to make a joke and have people laugh. I dont think what he said about (whichever one of) the palin girl is a big deal at all. It's not promoting rape or any of the other crazy things I have heard today. Plus, Letterman even apologized for his comments, and she wont even accept them! UGH, the nerve. Quit being grouchy. I really think Sarah Palin is just trying to stay relevant. Letterman makes jokes about everyone, many of them off color and line-crossing and do you see any of those people getting this upset!!! LET IT GO! People are crazy, who cares!? There are bigger issues in the world to be concerned about than what some comic said on a late night show. Get it together.


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  1. WELLL.....I kind of thought process is that yes, he is a comic, but to rag on someone's 11 year old child just seems wrong. But I didn't see it, don't watch the show, and try to stay out of things. But there's my 2 cents. You're up to 4 ;)