Friday, June 4, 2010

Things on the Brain

- going to the pool tomorrow and catching some rays

- not really wanting to go to my 10 year high school reunion tomorrow night because it is just going to be a series of pointless conversations with information I could have gotten off facebook. Although I like high school, I pretty much made new friends once college came, and everyone from HS stayed together.... I dunno we'll see

- would like a new outfit to look my 'best" at said reunion

- not happy that I skipped 2 days of my workouts... I am soo close to the end of it and I can't quit now

- keeping up my calorie counting and see the effects

- need to start training again for another 1/2 marathon. supposed to have started monday, but that didnt really happen with the holiday and all

- we have decided to go to Maui for our 2nd 1/2 marathon and our 1st anniversary. Gotta get the plane ticket situation figured out and get moving on the plans for the week.

- gotta clean the house a little bit again this weekend because G's parents are coming for 2 days

- charlie dog really needs some good running time in this weekend

- excited for 3 packages to arrive: 1. final 5 pasta bowls to our china, 2. FURminator and 3. a new lens for my camera that i bought for $50!

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