Monday, June 21, 2010

New books

I am in the market for some new reads. I am not a heavy reader, but I do enjoy it when I have the time and the material is good. But not just "story" books, but also informational type books on various topics.

I would love to have a day to hit the local B&N and find some really helpful/interesting reads.

One book I'd like to get is "The Help". Several people I know are currently reading this and have recommended it to me and said it was a very good book. I dont even know what it is about, but I am a sucker for any recommended reading, or books that are on the best seller list.
But I am also looking for other books. Specifically I want/need some new design books. (I may or may not have said that I am a graphic designer by day. ) But I haven't bought a new design book in a while. May even flood over to photography books so I can get back into that since I have my fancy new camera!!! : )

And I also want to start reading about feng shui and qi and organics and all that other "hippie" stuff (I use the term "hippie" in the sincerest form). Not that I want to get real deep into it, but I am definitely interested in the topic and since I have felt so " out of place" lately, I feel that I need to learn more about it and how to "fix" it. Plus, the idea of healthy, non hormone produced food really gets to me.

Any other recommendations for good reading??

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