Wednesday, June 16, 2010


ahh.. the FURminator.... my new best friend.

I got mine in the mail probably 2 weeks ago (time flies, can't keep up) and let me just tell you..


It is the best invention since sliced bread... I'm not even lying. It works sooooo well..

Check this out.
This is a ball of hair I brushed of C-dog today. I only had about 5 minutes so I didnt really go to town (plus he was a little rowdy and I was chasing him all the way around the porch). But this is 5 minutes of brushing! Any other brush I have used on charles wont get this much off if I tried to brush him for an hour!! AND!!! I have already brushed him multiple times.. it just keeps coming. I swear my house is less hairy than before.

I <3 this and you should too! Go get one.

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