Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Lately, I have been the biggest SUCKER for things. My spending is a little out of control due to this as well. Ever since I paid my last car payment, I have been on a little spree, and a lot of times, can't say no to the deals.

For instance:
I went and got my hair done on Saturday. Speaking to my stylist, I was complaining that there aren't very many color protection + volumizing shampoos out there. I have looked. The only one I really know of is Bed Head. But I never stick to the same kind from bottle to bottle. Anway, she told me that the line she carries (which she is exclusive too) has one. So, I totally paid $20 for a new bottle of shampoo... and I just bought shampoo like last weekend!! I totally didnt need it, but I got suckered in. Couldnt help it. Although, there wasnt much arm twisting.
(here's what I bought although mine was volumizing, not urgent care. Not sure of how much I like it just yet though.. we'll see)

I need to get it under control and quit spending.. gotta save up for Hawaii in 3 months!

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