Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Can't get it together

I am out of sorts and just can't seem to get it together. So sorry for my MIA lately. Plus, I am not really sure who is reading and if it is even interesting. I'm in a rut, I guess.

My qi (chi?) or Feng shui or whatever is totally off. Do you ever get that feeling that you are physically in the wrong place? I have had this for the past week now. And I am sure there are many contributing factors: 1. house guest for a week. 2. g's dad and step mom staying with us for a few days 3. the inability to do my P90x because of said house guests... the list goes on and on. I hate the feeling. I get it every now and then and it makes me completely uncomfortable. UGH.. know what I am talking about?

Plus, I feel like i am falling behind on all my "to-dos". I am just tired and hate looking at the ever growing list. I need to get it together and get some things checked off... including my new website that I haven't worked on in 2 weeks!

(wow what a bitch fest!?!)

In lighter news, I started my 1/2 marathon training again Monday. We (g and I) were supposed to start last week, but somehow that never happened. And we have decided to go to Maui for the race ;) The trip for the race will also be in conjunction with our 1 year anniversary. Should be pretty fun but now the planning and flight arrangements begin.... stressful!

So I will run another 3 miles today.

I have also been OK with the calorie counting (did I mention I was doing this? I can't recall) It's really hard though with things being so hectic. Mostly I am trying not to snack too much on bad things and drinking lots of water through out the day. Plus, eating more fruits/veggies and less starch, and I have been trying to eat breakfast every morning, which I so haven't done in my 20 some odd years of existence. And also trying to do a bit of portion control. If I really looked at the numbers, it probably isnt as good as it sounds, but I am trying. I also got a good app on my iphone: My Fitness Pal, to help me log and keep track of all food and exercise.

Speaking of exercise, I just have 2.5 weeks left of P90x! I am determined to finish the whole damn thing even though it's taken me well over 6 months. I like the program, but sometimes life gets in the way..

yes, life gets in the way

(sorry for the long, ranting post.. i'm out of it)

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