Monday, June 28, 2010

Chicken Salad!

So my hubby G is a sometimes cook. He knows how to man the grill (and this is essential since 90% of our meals in the spring - fall our grilled) and occasionally he will help out with stuff in the kitchen. He's kind of one of those "throw things together and hope it works out" kind of cooks.

But there are two things that are his specialty: 1. Chili and 2. Chicken Salad.

These are two dishes that I don't have one hand in what so ever, but to eat it. And both are delicious!! But even though they are his dishes, I wanted to share the chicken salad recipe since its soooo easy! (and quite yummy too!)

1. store bought rotisserie chicken (any flavor but BBQ is good)
2. white onion (I prefer vadalia onion cause it's sweet)
3. celery
4. walnuts
5. grapes (red or green, we use red. smaller are better, but if they happen to be large, half them)
6. MAYO (real, none of this miracle whip nonsense. small jar)

For the chicken, G likes to shred it with a fork and place in dish. getting as much meat off the chicken as possible. I am more of a cut it off kind of gal, but either works. And eliminate the skin.

Once chicken has been pulled, add chopped onion. I'd say a half an onion will do, but it depends on how much you like.

Then we add the mayo. Again, it's up to you the amount, but the majority of a small jar is usually enough.

Then about 1/4 to 1/3 cup of walnuts. And about 1 1/2 hand fulls of grapes.

(I know my measurements are very specific.. but it's all kind of eyeballed).

And refrigerate!

I am sure there are plenty of other chicken salad recipes, but the reason this is so easy is because of the rotisserie chicken. No sense in boiling chicken when you can buy it already prepared.. and rotisserie chicken is good anyway.

Enjoy! (Today we had this for lunch on whole wheat slim sandwich buns, a slice of swiss cheese, toasted.. YUUUUUUMMMM!!! )

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