Thursday, April 9, 2009


Dad had surgery on monday. They cleaned out the infection that had developed in his scalp area, and also, took out the part of the skull that had been infected too. They did not go in and work on the tumor at all because they didnt want to get the bacteria from the infection into the brain. So he will now be on antibiotics for 6-8 weeks to get rid of the infection and then we can go from there. They talked about doing something called Stereotactic Radiation Therapy/Surgery. I dont know when/if that will happen. But the surgery went really well, and we are pleased at this point. He will hopefully be out of the ICU today. (Actually just got a text saying he just did 2 laps around the nurses desk!) He's probably the only guy in ICU thats walking around. And maybe home by this weekend. I always feel better when I see him and talk to the doctors. Love my mom but sometimes its hard to get news from her. Hopefully all of this will pay off, and some progress is in our future.

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