Sunday, April 12, 2009


I finally have a draft of our logo. I have loved so many different ideas that I was having a hard time choosing what style I wanted to go with. But I happen to have looked through an old font type book that my work had and found an awesome R. So I scanned it and redrew it and then added our other initials. G really likes it too! I just need to clean it up a bit and make sure that I like the font face for the L and G. Let me know what you think. I am feeling a little relieved to have an idea that I like. And I think the flourishes go along with the calla lilly theme we are going with. Need some feedback though..


  1. I think its fantastic, and I wouldn't change one single thing about it. :)

  2. C here. LOVE the R, I think you can make the L and G match better, and be just as fabulous also. They look fine but could be MORE than fine. Youll figure it out.