Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Best Gift EVER!!!

Have I told you all how much I love my husband... and how he is the BEST person in the whole wide world?!?!?
Well, if I havent, let me just explain why... Back in college I got really into photography. I loved to take pictures, go into the darkroom (yes, an actual darkroom) and develop my own film and pictures. It is kind of an amazing process and I truly enjoyed to do it. I even received a Hasselblad camera for graduation (which is awesome in itself). But I kind of got out of the whole picture taking thing once the "real world" started. And then all I wanted to take pictures of was my friends and family at special events (or nights at the bar), so G had bought me a nice digital camera a few years ago to do that. But since then, I have started to want a manual camera again. The pictures just turn out sooo much better. And a friend of mine had gone to Italy after me and taken the same shots I had, but her pics were way better than the ones I had taken, all because of her camera.
Well, ladies and gents, my wonderful and adoring husband bought me a BRAND NEW DIGITAL SLR!!! (Canon Rebel T1i)I realize this may be greek to some people, but it's a fancy new camera that works like a manual 35mm camera but is digital. I am SOOOO pumped!! I cannot wait to learn all the features and really get back into taking and editing pictures. He really out did himself and I am forever grateful. I just love it.
I know this is kind of bragging, but it is just to awesome of an experience not to share. And that was my gift from G this year for Xmas. So while he is out riding on his new bicycle, I'll just take pictures of him in his shiny new helmet!!

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