Tuesday, May 5, 2009

wedding list update

My bridesmaid dresses finally came in! YAY! They are sooo cute. I am very happy with my decision. They are a little lighter than I thought they were going to be, but that is OK. But now I am going to have to decide on shoes, I was originally thinking silver to match the dress, but then I thought black would be better. Now, I dont know. I think its going to have to be a black strappy heel.. no pumps. :) But maybe I will just have them pick out their own (have i said this before?).
I cant wait for my dress to get it. Hopefully it will be soon. I ordered it in January, and they said 6 months, but dont they usually come in earlier?!

I did start working on my invites last night. Being a designer, I am finding that its really hard to create your own invites. I have too many ideas! But at least they are started. Along with the invites, I also I have to create a reception card, accommodations card, reply card, and directions card. Is that right?? I have no idea. And then I am going to design my programs, place cards, and menus (maybe). Are you supposed to have menu cards when you are doing a buffet style meal? Oh and table numbers. SOO much to do. This week, I have got to get some things checked off my list. Time is a tickin'.

Here is a list of other things that are STILL needing to be done:
1. Bridesmaid and Groomsmen gifts
2. Gift for G--- open to suggestions
3. G's wedding band
4. book honeymoon flights
5. confirm menu
6. meeting with church
7. sign contract from band
8. reserve rehearsal dinner location
9. sign up for foundations of marriage seminar
10. make sure all guys tux measurements are in
11. register for gifts!!
12. get guest list organized.

I know there is probably a TON more.. I just cant think.

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  1. YAAAYY!!! I can't wait to see the dresses! You're wedding is going to be so beautiful!!! Not to mention your Bach PARTAY...BALLS TO THE WALL!