Thursday, May 7, 2009

I'm getting old.

Is anyone else feeling the effects of getting older? I know 26 isn't old, but my body is definitely changing and there are many new aches and pains in the last few years. I feel like every time something hurts or doesn't feel right then something is majorly wrong.
Currently I:
• feel dizzy when I read and just an all around dizziness; the doctor doesnt know what it is and doesn't seem concerned, but its starting to become annoying
• have serious stomach issues, sometimes causing severe pain in my upper abdomen. Latest test show nothing wrong
• might have one of my toenails fall off
• have developed my first wart, and it wont go away
• think my eye sight is getting worse
• have a pain in my left side under my arm pit
• think my spine is messed up near my neck, its deformed.
And generally I think I am in good health. But it seems as though I have a new ailment everyday and that I am becoming a hypochondriac! Do I live with these issues or do I have them checked out? I dont know.

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