Monday, May 4, 2009

I should probably blog

Sorry its been a week. Things were a little crazy with it being Derby week last week. Too much stuff to do, and never enough time. G and I had a pretty good weekend, starting around wednesday of last week. We went to the Chow Wagon that night and saw the "pride of kentucky" with all the rednecks that head out to eat friend twinkies and funnel cakes. Friday night we hung out with G's cousin's that were in from Hawaii and had a good meal at a great restaurant. We didnt want to be out too late knowing we had to get up and head to the track the next day. Derby Day was good. The rain held up and even though G and I didnt win any money, we still had a good time in the paddock. Derby is such a long day, that by sunday we didnt do anything but lay around, until we went for sushi!

But even after all this excitment, there is really no time for rest. My weekends seem to be filling up as the days go by. Not only my weekends, but I still have tons of wedding stuff to do. This weeks goal, get my invites DONE! I know I have been talking about this forever, but I just cant seem to get motivated. I did buy one part of the invites last week, which were these awesome graphite color trifold, envelope things. I am very excited about them. Now I just need to do the important parts.

But this coming weekend, I am running another race. Just a 5K, but I have not run since the mini marathon last saturday, so need to get my butt in gear this week so I dont die on saturday morning. It should be a fun race since we have so many people that are going to do it too. Even G is going to run!!!

I hope to keep up the blog this week, and post Derby pics as soon as I get them uploaded.

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