Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Im a little teapot

In viewing some pictures while Facebook stalking this morning, I have found that there are 1000's of photos out there where the girls are posing with their hand on their hip. Now, I get the purpose behind it, you want to make your arms look skinnier and all the celebs do it, but really, if you start to pay attention a little bit, it looks awkward. And trust me, I have been victim to this "teapotitis" but really, why is your hand on your hip for no apparent reason!? It just looks weird. Like, someone says, "ok get together, I'm gonna take your picture", and automatically your hand goes to your hip cause you are trying to get the best possible angle for yourself, when in fact, you havent had your hand on your hip all night! And guys dont do this, its completely a girl thing. And it is just completely silly. Here are some examples:

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